The Pine Tree State

Welcome to Maine! By Lauren

Main is a place that you can enjoy! You might even love Maine! Maine might be hot, but good thing that there is lots of water! The state is by the Atlantic Ocean, That's why it has a lot of water. The first light house was made in 1791. The most toothpicks are made in Maine! Lots of people fish in Maine.Maine's main fish is an Atlantic Salmon. Also there is one other fish that is like fish, and that is lobser. Lots of people go to Maine in a year! Hope you can come soon!

Main's History!

Maine became a state in 1820. It was the 23rd state. Maine got it's nickname from Pine,Spruce,and northern hardwood trees.The first people who settled here were Natives.At first, Maine was owned by England.

Maine's Land

Maine is 30,99 square miles. It is located along the Atlantic Ocean. The highest point is Mount Katahdin, which is 5,268 feet high. The main river is the Penobscot river! The mountains in Main are called the White Mountains!The the Largest Lake is Moose Head Lake. Forests cover 89% of the land in Main. There are also rocky plateaus. Maine is rugged and hilly.
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Lots of people earn their mony by fishing. They fish for lobster,fish and shrimp.They also do logging for pine trees. Manufacturing and tourism are also importent for them to. they make lots of leather.

The Places at Maine!

Amazing Places!

The weather is great at Maine! If you're in Main you can go to the best places ever! The places I've been to in Main were the airport, and Camp No Limits. Acadia National Park is a place that is a favorite place to enjoy the scenery and to have hikes along the Atlantic Coast.