Bandaged Bear Appeal

By:Elemasi Latu


How does this charity work?

This charity cures kids with any sickness. Bandaged bear can make you feel you're at home by giving them different sorts of activities.

How can people help this charity?

We can help these children by raising money monthly for the hospital to buy new equipment to cure the children . Children can feel better if you can remember by who they were and what they were. But what they would mostly enjoy is a present left beside them our at desk for them to play with.

What is their Latest Project?

On the 24th annual Bandage Bear appeal. With the activity of breakfast the most important meal of the day. Throughout March this activity will be held.

4 Interesting Facts

1. It is almost 150 years of looking after kids.

2.Over 37,000 children come through their emergency department each year.

3. They have had their 1st succesful bone marrow transport for children leukaemia in Australia in that hospital.

4. Almost 75% live outside of our local area.