All about Hershey's Bars!!

They are made out of chocolate!!

Cacao Beans and what it is and out of!!

Chocolate grows from a tree it is cocoa beans!!Chocolate is made out of cocoa beans!What is chocolate made out of ? It is made out of cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter!!

Hershey's bars!!

The famous chocolate factory!!

They celebrated Hershey's birthday on September 13 so when that day comes think about him.Construction on the factory began on March 2,1903 and ended in 1905.

The town of Hershey's!!

It was important to Mr. Hershey to create a community where his employees could be self reliant and own their own homes.In the early 1900,the town held a contest to determine the name the u.s postal service would use the winning entry was Hershey Yoko. About 22,000 people use the service of berry township but only about 9,000 people live in the town itself.The town is 26 square mile.

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There are all kind of chocolate bars!!

It all started with a decision !!

In 1894 Milton Hershey produced sweet chocolate a coating for his caramels.In 1900,the company began producing milk chocolate in bars.Hershey was able to lower the per-unit cost and make milk chocolate, once a luxury item for the wealthy,affordability to all!!

Fun Facts!!

1.The secrete is that Mr.Hershey is what they call but that is not his name. 2.The first chocolate bar was made in 1847.

3. Mr.Hershey business practices of more than 100 years ago extended to what business leds today recognize as the foundations or responsible and sustainable business.