French Bread Pizza

healthy snacks


-split english muffin into 2 pieces

-spread tomato sauce on both sides

-sprinkle a hand full of cheese

-put 2 or 3 pepperoni on both sides

-put in 350 degree oven till the cheese is melted


there is an average of 125c between each pizza, the english muffin is 50c, cheese is 40c, and pepperoni is 10c


french breach pizza has 3.5g of fat, 16.6g of carbohydrates, 6.7g of protein, 1.5g of fiber, and 311mg of sodium

Food Groups

the food groups that french bread pizza fall in are dairy, grain, and meat.

Planning Elements

color- red, yellow, brown

texture- crispy

flavor- zesty

size/shape- circle and as heavy as a begal

temperature- hot