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Join us for these upcoming professional learning opportunities!

This October boasts two very exciting Math Workshops! We really hope to see you at these upcoming workshops!

10/20 - Fluency and Automaticity - S. Conti

By the end of grade 2 students should be adding and subtracting fluency. Grades 3 and 4 build with fluency of multiplication and division and grades 4-12 stress the importance of fluency with all multiplication. How many students in your current classroom AND school are automatic with basic facts? How are you helping to build fluency and automaticity with basic math facts, including all FOUR operations?

This workshop will take you through the specific criterion for introducing new facts and teach intense practice on newly introduced facts as well as systematic practice on previously introduced facts. We will also explore record keeping and time allocation for fluency in the classroom. Participants will leave with a set of ready-made fluency tools and a plan for implementation.

10/24 - Number Concepts in Elementary Math (K-5) - S. Conti

For students to progress appropriately in mathematics they must have a concrete foundation. Several conceptual building blocks must be acquired as students progress. This workshop will build awareness of the vertical alignment embedded in NYS Common Core Learning Standards. We will dive deep into the standards to identify the foundational pieces and build upon each concept. Our time will focus on the following concepts:

  1. Representing and comparing whole numbers, initially and sets of objects

  2. Describing shape and space

  3. Developing understanding of addition and subtraction with the use of base ten

  4. Developing understanding of linear measurement and standard units of measure

  5. Composing, decomposing, and analyzing geometric shapes

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