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October 16, 2015

You Matter at VAES!

Mrs. Williams, our counselor, teaches a guidance lesson each month. The students focused on how to treat others with kindness and respect this week.
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Principal's Pulse

We want to thank you for a wonderful 1st quarter. Our learners have come so far in this short time, and we know your support is a big part of that success.

Our students are exhibiting characteristics of our PRIDE acronym more of the time. We see our learners being Productive in class, acting with Respect in all situations, displaying Integrity, using Determination to work through difficult tasks and modeling Excellence to others. Thank you for supporting your children as they continue to grow in these areas.

Our students have several opportunities in the next two weeks to focus on continued character development through the Boosterthon Team Meetings and the Red Ribbon Week activities. Please take the time to ask your children about these activities during your dinner table discussions.

You should have received Picture Day information in the Thursday folder yesterday. Please return the form to order pictures with your children on Wednesday, October 21st and be sure they wear their smiles that morning.

You Matter at VAES!

Elizabeth Smith, Principal

Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days

Please click the link for more information on how your child can participate in Red Ribbon Week.

Fall Art News from Mrs. Burge

Please click to see what your child is learning in art.

Two more of our learners demonstrating respect and excellence!

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Head Lice Information

We have recently discovered a few students with head lice (pediculosis) at the school. Although these insects cannot hop, jump, or fly, they can be transmitted from one child to another via head-to-head contact, or the sharing of hats, combs, brushes, etc. We are making every effort to prevent lice from spreading, but we need your help too.

Please examine your child(ren) often for signs of lice. If a child has head lice there will be lice eggs (called nits) seen on the hair shaft. They are teardrop in shape, grayish-white in color, and very small. They are glued to the hair and cannot be washed or brushed out like dandruff. The nits are usually seen behind the ears and the nape of the neck. The lice itself are no bigger than a sesame seed and are also greyish in color. Your child may complain of feeling things moving around on their head and may scratch often. A few children may be symptom free.

Early detection and removal of head lice and their eggs (nits) is the best way to control head lice. If your child is found to have head lice or eggs (nits), a treatment must be applied to the hair. There are several shampoos over the counter. The hair must be retreated in 7 days to ensure reinfestation has not occurred. If you do find a case of lice, or if you are not sure what to look for and need more information on diagnosis or treatment, please contact the school nurse, or find information on CDC website or

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Please click to read more information on preventing head lice and treatment.

Upcoming Calendar Events

Monday, October 19th - PTA Boosterthon Kickoff Assembly

Wednesday, October 21st - Picture Day

Thursday, October 22nd - Report Cards Home

Monday, October 26th - Friday, October 30th - Red Ribbon Week - Click link above

Tuesday, October 27th - PTA Meeting and 2nd Grade Music Program

Wednesday, October 28th - PTA Boosterthon Fun Run

Volunteer Background Check Form

This form is now available on our website. If you have already returned a paper copy, you do not need to complete this form. However, if you have not done that and would like to volunteer on campus and attend field trips, please click on this link.

Boosterthon Informational Video - Please click the link below to learn about the Fun Run.

Boosterthon - Big World Recess Intro

This video introduces you to the student athletes across the world who will be a part of the character lessons our students will receive during our Boosterthon.

PTA Information - Click the link below for this week's PTA news.

PTA Art Reflection Contest

Please click this link for more information.

You Matter to VAES...pass it on!

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