Global 3 Enterprises Inc

"Where making homeownership a reality"

Founded in 01/16/2000

We are a group of investors that buy and flip residential and commercial properties, sell and purchase performing and non- performing notes. We restore and build personal and business credit. We also buy and sell auto at a low discounted price. We offer the following services.

Credit Restoration /Houses are us

We offer the following services

Credit Restoration:
We erase and delete all of the following; Student Loans, Medical Bills, Late Payments, Credit Card Debt. Help you to boost your score by educating you on how to obtain credit judgement liens, collections, bankruptcy, foreclosures no problem.

Houses are us:
Seven programs to qualify you to be a home owner. Good credit qualify for a loan at 3-4%. Bad credit or no credit you can a small deposit down depending on the principal balance of your home and you can start the process of getting your credit restored.

Auto Financing:
Inexpensive cars at a discount through own financing, bank financing, and lease option.

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We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
10% off Any service with this flyer and by visiting our website.
$1000 dollar referral fee with purchase of a house.