Alyssa Bates

Congresswoman for Indiana's Forth District

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Standing firm for conservative Hoosier values


Alyssa was born and raised in Avon, Indiana in a family of five. She graduated from Avon High School and Butler University with a graduate degree in Political Science. Alyssa then spent ten years working in downtown Indianapolis for the citizens of this great state. She firmly believes in her ability to support her fellow Hoosiers and be the Congressional representative they deserve.

Educational Policy

America needs a strong educational system that benefits the students. A top-down bureaucracy in our education system is clearly not working, and Alyssa Bates, as Congresswoman, will ensure that each student can learn in the best way for them and parents can be comforted in the knowledge that their children are being well-prepared for their future endeavors. Congresswoman Bates pledges to vote for legislation that will create a prosperous future for our children so that they can build an economically sound and stable state and country.

Defense Policy

We must continue to support our troops and our economic interests overseas. We cannot accomplish this without legislation and policy goals that will keep America safe above everything else. Congress needs to be held accountable for the safety of Americans overseas and at home, and as a member of Congress, Alyssa Bates will act proactively to ensure support for our military.


Indiana- and the nation- must grow out of these challenging economic times and learn from the choices that brought us to where we are. The government should take steps to reward those who seek out jobs and careers that will enable them to support themselves and their families. We should enact policy that allows the businesses to hire, invest, and expand into stability and success.

Leadership and Committee Goals

Alyssa Bates hopes to become a part of the Appropriations Committee so she is able to impact America's budgetary process and expenditures. With this philosophy, Alyssa hopes to be able to make a positive impact on Congressional policy in order to promote a fiscally responsible government.

Communication with the People

As a Congresswoman, Alyssa will maintain social media ties to the district she represents on a day-to-day basis, as well as holding meetings with constituents and maintaining communications through letters and emails. Alyssa is confident in her ability to represent the Fourth District of Indiana in policy areas that matter to Hoosiers.