Privacy and Security

By: Sofia Rugerio

What is a scam? and How to avoid falling for a scam

A scam is a fraud done online to get your personal information.

How do you avoid falling for a scam?

  • Look for any errors (ex: misspelling and grammar errors)
  • Delete any request for passwords
  • Research the facts

Passwords. Passwords? Strong Passwords!

Having a strong password is very important. By having a strong password you are less likely of being hacked.

Some ways to have a strong password

  • Contains at least 12 characters minimum
  • includes numbers,symbols, capital/lowercase letters
  • Isn't an obvious word

Protecting your passwords is also very important. Make sure to always secure your passwords to avoid any damages to any of your accounts.

How to secure your passwords

  • Don't share your passwords with anyone that is a very silly mistake!
  • Don't use the same password for all your accounts
  • Don't use "password" as your password


Keeping your information private is very important and hard, especially when you're active online. Many people reveal private information all the time without them knowing it. You have to be very careful every time you comment or upload an image/video.

Here are some tips on how to secure your privacy online

  • Own your online presence: Set your privacy settings to a level where you're most comfortable
  • Be aware of what YOU ARE sharing
  • Look over your followers and online friends list
Why Care About Internet Privacy?

User Agreement

When creating an account, you must click "I accept" to the User agreement before fully creating your account. But the majority of us never really bother reading through it because it's so long. Have you ever thought of what you're agreeing too?

What is User Agreement?

It is a legal contract between a software and user.

What you're agreeing to when you sign up...

  • Your photos may be up for sale without your permission
  • Some sites don't allow you to delete your account
  • You're almost always giving up your right to sue

Next time you sign up for an account, remember to look over the User Agreement and know what you're agreeing to. It's better to be safe than sorry.