Milton Hershey Day


Why Milton Hershey Should Have a Holiday?

Milton Hershey should have national holiday a because he made chocolate bars for soldiers in world war one. He also made a chocolate bar called a D-Ration bar he gave to soldiers and they gave the bars to kids they met in world war two.He made chocolate bars and kisses for an affordable price.He used all his time and energy to bring milk chocolate to america.

Why Milton Hershey was a Rolemodel ?

Milton Hershey is a rolemodel because he showed us we should keep trying over until we get it.Milton Hershey also, showed us we can create something new.Milton Hershey also, showed us we should never give up and keep trying. Milton Hershey also, showed us we should do our best.

Milton Hershey Facts

*Milton Hershey was born on September 13, 1857.

*1870 Milton Hershey's school days were over.

*When Milton Hershey was twelve he could only write and read as well as a forth grader.

*Milton Hershey met Catherine Sweeney in 1897.

*Milton Hershey died because of a sickness called pneumonia on October 13 1945.

Milton Hershey's family

Fanny Hershey was Milton Hershey's mother.

Henry Hershey was Milton Hershey's father.

Sarena Hershey was Milton Hershey's sister.

Catherine Sweeney Facts

*Catherine Sweeney's nickname was Kitty.

*Kitty was 26 when Milton Hershey was 41.

*Kitty had a disease that weekend her muscles.

*Kitty died because of her disease on March 25 1915.