Ukraine Crisis

What is it?

1. How did the unrest in Ukraine begin?

It was the borderlands of Europe and Russia and the president of Ukraine didn't want to join with the European Union.

2. Who is President Yanukovych, and why has he fled?

President Viktor F. Yanukovych of Russia had long promised to integrate Ukraine with the European Union by signing sweeping political and trade agreements. In November, he refused to sign.

3. Who are the protesters?

The people of Russia that are angry at the President for making the decision to not

4. Why did the unrest escalate in the past two weeks?

President Yanukovych had used the Russian military to kill protesters.

5. What role do Russia and the West play in the Ukrainian crisis?

They protected president Yanukovych from the protestors

6. How do you think this conflict will end?

The protestors will get what they wanted at the end because they already have most of Ukraine under their control.

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