The Cheetahs Big Cheat

A pourquoi story by Kasey Matusik


One morning in the plains, there laid an Ah. This specific Ah was very lazy. Every day and night he laid under a tree going," ah, ah, ah." He said this because he was old and was sad.

That all changed when a crow flew by. " By joe, you look demolished, and your claws are worn, I bet you can't run. You're as skinny as a piece of paper, so I bet your also unhealthy," the crow squawked.

"Do you mean I'm slow?" the Ah clarified. "I'll show you. I challenge you to a race tomorrow at sunrise."

The crow flew away to prepare for the big race. The next day the Ah waited for the crow to arrive.

I'm old, my claws are worn, so there's no way I'm going to win this race, he thought. I must cheat.

Finally, the crow arrived. The race began, and crow shot through the air like a dart, but the Ah had a better plan. He decided to take a short cut through the meadow so he could walk the whole way. A couple minutes passed and the Ah was already finished. Then the crow arrived.

"How did you beat me when you were never in front me?" the crow complained.

"I'm so fast you didn't see me,"the Ah barked.

"No you're not. You don't even have claws," the crow exclaimed.

"What is this? Your feet are dry and the ground was wet. You cheated. You took the short cut through the meadow. That is half the length that I flew. They shouldn't call you an Ah they should call you a cheetah," the crow finished.

That is why forever more, we call the cheetah, the cheat-ah.