Why Should You Do It

Research questions

why is exercise good

should we do it

what can it do

will it help you live better

Summary of Research

I did my research on exercise. Exercise is good for you and you should do it. I think exercise is good for you and it isn't that hard to do. From the web site healthdiscovery.net“Your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently.” Basically, you aren't as healthy if you don’t exercise. Exercise keeps you going. When you don't exercise you don’t function right. When you forget to exercise you aren't healthy. “Regular exercise or physical activity helps many of the body’s systems function better, keeps heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other diseases at bay, and is a key ingredient for losing weight.” It is so important to exercise. Exercise is not a thing that you should be skipping every day. It is also proven that you live longer if you exercise everyday. To get into exercising start by simply eating healthy. Then start by doing simple stuff like going for a jog, doing push ups and sit ups. Also you can do pullups. All of this is exercising. Regular physical activity can produce long term health benefits. If you just start with simple things you can be a lot healthier. Most people don’t exercise because it takes to long and it is hard.