Friday Coffee Chat!

October 21, 2016

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Good Morning Fabulous Team!

This week has been JOYFUL and FUN, just what we all needed to kick off a rocking Holiday season! Make sure to take a peek at all of the NEW POLICIES in the lounge...

Mystery Hostess Shows are back! YIPPI!

Samples sales in VIP groups (retired items) are back!

Word swags and fun collages are back!


Now is the time to finish OCTOBER strong AND Book up November! Get your Holiday Pants on and let's make this the biggest season yet!

Cheers to a great Friday!

Stef xo


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FIVE Prizes...for the first FIVE BINGO winners! But we are adding MORE! Keep going! Even though we have WINNERS!

Winners SO FAR!

Welcome to our first 13 (LUCKY 13) October Stylists!!!!

Tiffany Bauer

Susan Emery

Dina McIlvaine

Heather Stanch

Elizabeth Fisher

Heather Bochner

Karen Emery

Kelly Mangini

Ashely Hurbanek

Christine Bell

Jennifer Meyer

Jill Santti

Charlene Wall

These ladies rocked the week!

Spotlight on a Shining Diamond- Megan Filipowicz

Take a watch at how Megan prepares and rocks her HOLIDAY season! Amazing tips from a pretty incredible leader!!! Thank you Megan!

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I challenge YOU to reach out to TWO each day this weekend with these words!

WORDS TO SAY! OFFER TWO OCTOBER DATES!!! Most likely they may say NO, but then pick a NOVEMBER!

"Hi ______! COVET, bags, wallets, and new sparkle, have arrived! Take a peek at (insert your PWS) - you are going to LOVE it all. Let's get you and your girlfriends together for a fun "Pumpkin Martinis and Must Haves!" How about we schedule your trunk show for October 28 or 29 so that I can help you get Fall fabulous? xo"

Top TEN for the week in sales!

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