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Welcome Back! Reminders:

  • Take advantage of your two free posters on our Postermaker!
  • We will continue to accept both media center and pink passes.
  • Please don't send more than 5 students on passes at a time.
  • If you have a sub, please see us before scheduling the class visit.
  • If you have information for the scrolling announcements, please send a ppt (97-2003) file to Arlitta Eargle.
  • If you have information for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please send it to Arlitta Eargle.
  • We'll show the pledge before the announcements at the beginning of 2nd block.
  • Using media center printers: If you are printing more than 25 copies, please use the circulation desk computers to print to the copy machine.
  • Save the trees! If requiring students to print out presentation slides, please ask them to print them as handouts.

Media Center Information Folder- Google Drive

Please check your Shared With Me section for our new media center information folder. Go to *1516 DFHS MAIN Staff Information > 1516 Media Center Information. TIP: Put your folder in List View for easier searching! This folder includes the following:

  • Off Campus Equipment Checkout Form
  • Resource Recommendation Google Form (tell us what you need!)
  • Video Request Form
  • Lists of resources, equipment, databases, etc., available
  • Turnitin school code and instructions
  • And much more!

Contest! What did you read this summer?

Send us (jcollins or enewman) a picture (or just email the title) of a book you read over the summer. We'll use your answers for a display and draw names for prizes!

Selfies welcome. Thank you for sharing!

Updated Brytewave app

Please take a look at the newly updated Follett Brytewave app. The app now combines our catalog with our ebook collection. You need your Destiny number to log in. Please see us for your login information.

Flexible Structure: Adapting Google's GENIUS HOUR for your classroom

Looking to increase rigor with student-led learning? Adapt Google's "20% time" policy for your classroom. (Google developers can spend 20% of their work day on any project of interest- as long as results could benefit the company)

What does it look like?

1. Students create a research question: brainstorm a list of topics they're passionate about. Pair or group students based on interest. Students develop assessment criteria for their final project.

2. Pursue answers: Incorporate technology-- students could use a bookmarking tool (such as diigo or symbaloo) to keep track of all research, and to properly cite work. Students could maintain blogs describing their progress.

3. Share Knowledge: Students give a 5-minute presentation at end of the semester, year, etc.

We created our collaboration area for projects like this. We have a stand up whiteboard, green screen, group meeting spaces, charging stations, and more- all to support your students. See us to reserve space and resources!

Click here for more about Genius Hour.

Padilla Vigil, Virginia, and Rebecca Mielwocki. "Genius Hour: A Learner-Centered Approach to Increasing Rigor in the Classroom." Instructor 124.5 (2015): 45-47. Academic Search Premier. Web. 1 Sept. 2015.

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