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By:Kody Drake due: december 11,2015

My First Deer by kody drake december 9,2015

On November 1st,2015 Kody Drake shot and killed his first deer in his life.This is how it happened.He work up at 4:30 in the morning to go hunting,but he did not think he would get his first later on he was in the deer stand at 5:30 and he slepted for a little bit becasue the sun did not come out yet. About 2 hours later the deer started coming out of the woods but all were small ones,But another 5 mins later a buck came out and it was hard to judge,so he sat there looking at it into his was sure legal. so about 7:45 he looks at deer and aims for the heart and pulls the trigger slightly and BOOM!!! The buck dropped as soon as the bullet pierced the heart.

Fayetteville First Football Team

First Football season

No one would ever believe that fayette county would have a football team! It was all bought together by a guy named CH Harvey. When his son came to fayetteville in 2014, coach Harvey wanted football to be at the fayetteville school But the school did not want football because kids would be worried too much on football then grades. so despite what the school board said he started his own "outlaw" team. After he started the team there was a lot of guys wanting to play football. After that everyone at both schools did not exact the football team to even win a game but they did!
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The A&M Field Trip by kody drake december 11,2015

The A&M field trip was exciting for most students at the small town called Fayetteville. Here is some stories about the experience the students had at A&M. so first we arrived at the school at 6:50 and we left at 7:30. Since most students are not "morning people" the bus was very quiet till we got there. After we got there the students got excited to be at A&M. Once we got there we took a tour around the campus.After that we went to get get something to eat at a restaurant then we went to the rec center and toured that. After that we went to the gift shop.
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