October Literacy & Learning News


Reading is thinking. Sometimes we as adults get so focused and making sure that children are saying the right words when they read that we forget the ultimate goal for reading is making meaning and understanding the message of the words. One way to help children understand that understanding the words is important too is to ask questions about what they have read.

There are three types of questions we can ask. Asking children literal questions, ones that can be answered by a sentence in the text is the first type. What type of plant is this? What did the charater just do?

The second type is called inferential questions. In these types of questions, a child has to use information from the book but also think beyond the words to ideas and experiences they can connect to the text. How did the character feel? Does that animal like what it is eating?

The third type of question is evaluative questions. In this type of question, children have to make a judgment and take a position about what is happening in the story. These types of questions help to build empathy and perspective. Children can improve communication skills and tell their own stories. Did you think the character was nice? Why or why not? What would you do in that situation? Do you think that was a good thing? Explain why?

Save the Date - Murray Park and Quest Book Fair

Our Fall book fair will take place from October 21st to October 25th. The book fair is a great way to tap into your child's choice and motivation to read. New information regarding the book fair includes a new state law which requires us to collect sales tax on book fair sales. Please be aware of this if you send money with your child to shop during the day.

More exciting news for the book fair is the online shopping options for families this year. Please watch for these details to come!

Title 1 Information

Murray Park has a schoolwide Title 1 program. This means that teachers and staff work with families and students to help all students make academic progress and reach their potential. We celebrate our progress three times a year with Family Nights when the students are able to share their learning with families. Our first Family Night is October 24th! Please join us at school that night for a celebration of what your child is learning! The book fair will be open for shopping, too! See you then!

Jill Puhlmann-Becker, Reading Specialist RASD