Summer Institute for the Gifted

at the University of Calfornia at Berkeley

The Academic Edition

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Designing Our Own Logos in Advertising Smarts

Reminder About Important Dates-Please Notice Room Change

Sunday, July 6th-Student Talent Show 7.30 pm-9:00 pm-(Residential Students ONLY)-Please note the room change for this event. This event will be held in the Unit 2 Rec Room of Towle; this is the same room as the Parent Orientation Meeting.

Wednesday, July 9th-Academic Showcase 7.30 pm-9:00 pm-ALL STUDENTS-Dinner will be served for ALL students participating in this event; commuter students participating in this event should stay on campus for this event.

Thursday, July 10th-Closing Ceremony arrival 4.30pm for a 4:45 pm-5:45 pm program -ALL STUDENTS are invited to this event.-This is the last day of the program for Commuter Students.

Friday, July 11th-Departure for SIG Residential Students-Students may be picked up anytime between 9:00 am-11:30 am. Students will be picked up at the Towle building. More specific details about departure will be emailed after the 4th of July weekend.

**All of these events (except the Talent Show) are located at Anna Head Hall at 2537 Haste Street, Berkeley, CA 94720

Another Week of Mind-Blowing Academics

As the second week at SIG is almost done and the final week approaches, students have begun to dig deeper into their classes. Instructors have challenged students in various ways, and the Academic Dean, Lauren, and myself, have personally witnessed many exhilarating and intriguing experiments, engaging discussions, and hands-on activities in many classes. We've watched students in What's Your Point debate on technology's negative and positive effects on today's youth. We've watched students in Thinking Outside and Beyond the Box make clothing only using newspaper. We've also sat in on conversations about the power of the brain and its many parts, and we've listened as students analyzed the deeper meaning of dreams in both Roots of Human Behavior and Brain and Dreaming. We've also been amazed by our elementary students discussing the noble truths of Buddha and the philosophical views of Socrates in Philosophy: Diving into Deep Thoughts. Most importantly, we've sat at meals with students and heard them give firsthand accounts as to why SIG classes are so much more interesting, challenging, and interactive than regular school. As we finish our last week of classes, students will prepare their final projects and presentations and accomplish their student-crafted objectives; we are excited to see how the students meet their individual course goals.
Tony Curtis, Site Director and Lauren Brantley, Academic Dean

Chemistry: Making Fireworks on the 4th of July- Password: sigucb

Fun with Newtonian Physics by Harper Lewis

One of my favorite classes that I am taking at SIG is Fun with Newtonian Physics. Some exciting projects that I have done in class that helped us explore laws of Physics include experiments with balloon rockets, egg drops, and potato circuits. Each one of these projects was fun and awesome, but most importantly, they helped me see Newton's laws in action; this class is showing me that science is fun and very cool. The instructor lets us explore and view Newton's laws, not just through our book, but through experiments.

Fencing by Derek Wong

My favorite class is Fencing: Footwork to Foils. In fencing, we actually get to exercise and do something that tests our physical abilities. It gives us a chance to improve physically and achieve our goals by depending on hard work and skill, not luck.

In fencing, we learned that our footwork is the most important element in winning. It takes great skill, endurance, balance, and the ability to continue, even if we are really tired. This helps us get past obstacles we are struggling with in life.

SIG Animation and Claymation Video-Click the link below.

The Art of Making a Short Film by Keith Calloway

In this class, we are learning how to shoot and edit short films. During these last few days, I have been working with two other SIG students in making a SIG trailer. Instead of directly showcasing the camp, we made a short film about three boys who didn't want to go to SIG. It still shows SIG, while incorporating the ideal of a real movie about three kids going on an adventure to skip class. This class is interesting because I am learning how to edit videos using programs like Final Cut, IMovie, and Adobe Premiere.

Summer Institute for the Gifted

If you have any academic questions, feel free to email our Academic Dean, Lauren Brantley at or call our office at (510)612-9542.