Brilliance Over Boredom

Gifted Learners Overcoming Boredom

True or False; Gifted students are successful in school.

What do you think? Are gifted students children who are often successful in school? Well the answer to that is false. This is often a misconception among the public. These advanced students are often so ahead of what is being taught that they get bored and become disengaged. They will finish work quickly and then resort to becoming a class clown, and distracting their peers.

Complications in Education

Today in our education system it appears to outsiders that we are often putting our energy into those who are behind, leaving the high achievers "in the dust". By trying to bring everyone to the same level, we are losing the opportunity to engage these intelligent individuals and bring them to their full potential. This is something I witnessed growing up. One of my best childhood friends was extremely gifted, but because he was always bored in class he ended up dropping out of high school.


1. The first thing we can do as teachers of gifted students is to get on the same page as the parents. It is key that the teacher and parents are working hand in hand to get the child to reach their full potential.

2. When the student shows signs of being disengaged during the class it is time for the teacher to consider options of how content is delivered. This is when teachers can look at differentiated instruction, as well as having side activities that students can resort to without instruction when they finish work.

3. It is important to be able to identify early on that a student in your classroom is gifted before they start becoming distractive to their peers. By establishing early on then you as a teacher will have the knowledge of planning more challenging tasks for them, this will keep them more engaged during independent work time. The hard thing for educators is that not all of us have prior knowledge to knowing how to identify a gifted learner.

Gifted Students- Challenges & Tips