For Darkness Shows the Stars

By: Dianna Peterfreund Vacation character analysis

My Impression on Elliot

I think Elliot is a good person but she can get a little bit bossy, rude, protective, and overall emotional. Elliot started to fall in love with Kai, but when she saw him for the first time in over a year; she realize that "Malikai Wentforth" was not the person she thought he was. Kai became a post. Elliot started to hate him. Kai was going out with Olivia and now Elliot hates her. But when Olivia fell off the cliff; Elliot knew that it was her fault she almost died that day.

What Elliot would bring on vacation.

  1. A suncart so she can get places faster and so she doesn't miss anything important. "When I saw you driving the sun-cart." Chapter 25.
  2. A pen and paper so she can write Kai. "Your friend, Elliot North" or "Not your friend, Elliot North." Six years ago.
  3. Her grandfather so she can spend time with him, but he's gone now, she might want to spend time with him one last time and so she won't feel disappointed in herself for not saying the right thing to him before he died. " the excitement of a funeral, especially a Boatwright funeral."