Pterosaur-like creature found

Dragonesque Banshee discovered on Pandora

Johnson discovered Dragonesque Banshee on Pandora

On December 4, 2014 scientist, Kassidy Johnson, discovered a creature that looks similar to a Pterosaur in the Hallelujah Mountains of Pandora. Johnson was flying in her helicopter above the mountains when she saw the Banshee flying. It was a blueish-green, long-necked creature with membranous wings and a pair of hind-limbs that seemed to support two more membranes. Banshees are quadruped, which means they have four limbs in which they use to walk. Although the Banshee has four limbs, it spends most if its time flying through the mountains. Banshee have gill-like slits in the front of their long neck in which they breath through. The long tail you see is used for steering during flight. Banshees are heterotrophs. We believe that they eat sting-bats and worm-like creatures found in the trees of Pandora. Johnson hopes to catch a Banshee within the next 6 months for testing and further observation. Johnson states that this is just a new discovery and we still have so much more to learn about Dragonesque Banshee.