The issues of Depleted Resources

Ciara Rocha

Introduction of Depleted Resources

The Depletion of the natural resources consume more natural resources over the past century. Then over all earlier centuries put together.

The problem with Depleted Resources

When the material necessary to build or feed is not available any more.
  • the supply of hard-wood will stop when the rainforests are all cut do the crude oil in United Arab Emirates will be depleted within 50 years so Dubai is switching to other incomes like tourism.

Adressing the problem for Depletion resources

Environmental & scientists often refer two different ends of environmental problem as sources & sinks.

Additional Information of Depleted Resources

  1. I think that losing resources are bad because we need resources.
  2. The annual Vital Signs report by the WorldWatch Institution.
  3. The world is running out of time to head off catastrophic climate change.

Peak Oil - Club of Rome