Totalitarian State

By: Isabel Maier

Franco- Censorship and Control of the media.

When the dictator Franco in Spain took over he censored and controlled the media. Franco converted Spain into the past by outlawing anything that didn't follow catholic beliefs like divorce and other religious. Franco also outlawed any other languages except for spanish.

Hitler- Use of schools and media to indoctrinate citizens

In Germany Hitler used schools and media to indoctrinate citizens. Most kids were brainwashed from 10 to 18. The reason that Germans used this was because then the youth would only know about Hitler and how he was to them there surviving factor. Another reason is so that he could spread his ideas because they would listen. Some of the things that they were taught were Nazi theory and they loved Hitler they also learned building bikes and other fun stuff and the parents were powerless to stop it.

Stalin- Single political party

Stalin dictator of the Ussr had single political party. Stalin first was the General secretary here he was able to appoint members that he choses. Because of this he was able to run out his competition and be able to have control.

Mussolini- Unquestioning obedience to a single ruler

Mussolini the dictator of Italy used unquestioning obedience to a single ruler. Mussolini used many modern ways to convince people to support him. One of these ways was people were taught that he was a genius and that he was “like a god” and people believed the media and newspapers Avanti. In Avanti he wrote bias information about the war and stop it. Avanti gained a lot of popularity and people started strikes.