Most Used Search Engine


To search effectively on Google you can use search tools to help you find specific information. If you need to find a group of words together in a certain way you can use protheses (" "). If you need to find something and you know some of the words but not necessarily in the correct order you use the wildcard (*). There are several other searching tools such as the pipe symbol you use if you need to find something on one or more people or things.


You can make Google Sites to. A Google Site is a website that you can create from your Gmail Account. You can add text and pictures to your site. You can chance font size color and stile to make you site look more appealing. If you want someone else to see your site you and put it out on the world wide web or send it via eMail. If you want them to edit the site to, then you have to share it with them.


A spreadsheet is a chart where you can enter data and edit data. You can change the size and color of each cell and text. To use a function you first hit the equal sign key and then type SUM, AVE, MAX, MIN or COUNT and highlight the text range that you want the answer of. Make sure there are prothesis before and after of the numbers or it won't work.
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