The Boy Who Dream Defferred.

By Xavier Peterson

The Boy Who Dream Defferred .

One day Michael and his Father were watching television, then when a commercial had came on Michael said "Dad can I go there for my Birthday. Then that's when his father had said "Sure why not I will take you to the fair" then that's when Michael told his mother his dad taking him to the fair for his Birthday. Next day Michael went to school told all of his friends that's where he would attend on his birthday the fair, So he was excited for his birthday to come up on the 6th of December. After that he had got home for school Michael had said hello to his mother dad was in working, then Michael's mother had cook dinner for Michael after that was over she had read him a book so he can go to sleep. Next His mom and dad were on the phone talking about the good and bad news his father had to tell Michael mother she replied" what's the good news" Father had said "I had got the job promotion "Mother Said "Congrats Babe then she said " What's the bad news" Father said " I don't think I can make it to take Michael to the Fair for his Birthday". After she had let that sink in She said "but you promise you will take him tomorrow for his birthday", Father said" yeah I know" " But this is a big gig for me and I have to go out of town to Miami for a couple of days I'm the new Ceo ". then next day later Michael woke up getting ready for school mom and dad had wished him a Happy Birthday before she take him to school. Then finally today was the day that Michael, father had to go to Miami for the next three Days then after that when Michael had return home from school he was waiting on his father to arrive home. Then when Michael Mom said we have to talk baby " So you know your dad want be able to take you to the fair for your birthday" Then Michael Replied and said " Dad really not coming back home to take me to the fair so I can get on the Roller Coasters" " Yes he couldn't make it". So then that's when Michael called his dad and said are you coming home" " No I wont be able to make it I'm Sorry Son, Happy Birthday son ". Then Michael Realize when his father didn't arrive him and his mother blew the candles Michael mother said " Make a wish " I wish dad had came home he said in his head. Finally that's when Michael had went up to his room look out the window waited to see if he would arrive which he didn't, then he took a nap woke back up that's the Little Boy notice Michael knew his Dream was Deferred.