6th Grade Technology

By: Kaden Beau

Typing Web

* Every day we start off typing for 5 minutes on Typing Web.

* I have improved my typing a lot this semester.

* We have many courses we have to complete.


* We get to make the trailer about anything we want.

* You can choose how you make it.

* The trailers look very nice, after you finish them.

Career Locker

* Mrs. Vandenbogart helps us learn about different careers and collages.

* She also helps us learn what career is best for us and what collage is too.

* We get to take many quiz's about yourself.

Haiku Deck

* We get to make it about our dream job.

* Can also put what collage your going to.

* Will present it to the class.

Explain Everything

* Choose a math equation.

* Solve the math equation and explain it on Explain Everything.

* Present it to the class.


* Finish 9 stages

* Each stage is 20 levels

* Get to play Minecraft and Star Wars on Code.org