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Staff Newsletter for 2018-2019, Episode 1

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Thank You!

East Elementary is bigger and better than ever before and that is all because of you! We know our start to the year has been met with "growing" challenges but you have rolled with the punches and our students are obviously thriving.

Ashley, Courtney, Barbara, and I are here to help you in any way that we can. One way you can help us is by determining what is an emergency and what is not. If you need our assistance with something logistical or something that doesn't require our immediate attention, a text or an email is the best way to contact us. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. If you catch us in the hall, there is no way of telling what situation we have just left or what we are headed to. If you need our immediate attention, please feel free to contact us in whatever way is most accessible to you. Our plates are very full so we are all having to learn to prioritize in different ways than before and this is one way you can help.

Please remember that it will take the same intentionality as we navigate the remaining of the year to maintain the culture we have worked so hard to establish. I encourage you to connect with staff that work in other capacities, to encourage those that you encounter during your day, and to remember the reason for our work.

Let's continue to be the campfire on the hill that draws the attention of our community. It's who we are Chick-A-Boom! Love you all and grateful to serve our East families with all of you!

East Campers in Action during August

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Positive Parent Phone Calls and Family Fall Event - September 18th!

Our annual Title I night will be on Tuesday, September 18th. Our evening will kick-off with a PTA meeting in our gym at 5:30 p.m. Our library and cafeteria will be open for dinner and the book-fair from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Grade level meetings will be staggered to hopefully help with traffic with our book fair and in the cafeteria.

PreKindergarten/Head Start and Kindergarten meetings will begin at 6:15 p.m., First and Second Grade meetings will begin at 6:45 p.m., and Third Grade meetings will begin at 7:15 p.m. More information will be sent home to our families in folders this Thursday. Please help by communicating this information on See-Saw and in your newsletters.

Remember that your positive parent phone call log will be due to Denise by Friday, September 14th. Every phone call should include a personal initiation to our family event.

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T-TESS and Student Growth Measure

If you are a member of our professional staff, you will receive your T-TESS letter this week that will assign your appraiser for this school year and provide you with additional information about the process. Please complete Part I in DMAC by September 13, 2018. We will discuss this more on Thursday during common planning if you are new to our campus or to the T-TESS process. The window for T-TESS walkthroughs/observations will be on September 13th.

This is the first year we will be held accountable for the student growth measure component and it will factor into your final T-TESS evaluation. This will be true for all areas - including our specials and intervention teachers. We will also discuss this more on Thursday.

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Fundamental Five

The Fundamental Five are instructional strategies that have great impact on student performance. Our district is committed to ensuring these strategies are utilized in all classrooms on all campuses.

Please remember we are currently working on the first 2 strategies - Framing the Lesson and Working in the Power Zone. Administrators will soon be gathering data about the use of these first two strategies. We are excited to see what this will mean for our students and their performance!

You may locate the slides from retreat about Fundamental Five by clicking here.

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Emergency Procedures and Folders

Maps should now be posted in your classrooms and emergency procedures for drills will need to be reviewed with your students. In addition, every classroom teacher needs a yellow emergency folder with the information below included. We will provide your buddy information soon.

Emergency folders will be kept current in every classroom teacher’s room. Please write “Emergency Folder” and your name on the front cover of the yellow folder using a black Sharpie.

Please include the following in your emergency folder inside the brads:

  1. Emergency Plan with Icons*

  2. Evacuation Map*

  3. Shelter in Place Map*

  4. Your Class Roster and Contact Information for Parents

  5. Your Buddy’s Class Roster and Contact Information for Parents

  6. Needed medical information for students in your classroom

We will ask you to bring your emergency folders to your common planning meeting during the week of September 24th. The official campus EOP will also be reviewed during this meeting.

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September 2018 Events

  • September 3rd - Labor Day Holiday (No School)
  • September 4th - DRA Testing for 2nd Grade
  • September 4th - Common Planning begins for PreK
  • September 5th - Common Planning begins for K-3
  • September 6th - College Day (All students are encouraged to wear a college t-shirt)
  • September 7th - High School Pep Rally hosted at East @ 8:30 a.m. (students only)
  • September 7th - Spirit Store Open
  • September 10th - DRA Testing for 2nd Grade
  • September 11th - DRA Testing for 3rd Grade
  • September 11th - East Elementary PTA Night at McAlister's
  • September 14th - DRA Testing for 3rd Grade
  • September 14th - Spirit Store Open
  • September 14th - Positive Parent Phone Call Log Due
  • September 17th - DRA Testing for 1st Grade
  • September 17th - 21st - Fall Book Fair (students can shop during the day)
  • September 18th - DRA Testing for 1st Grade
  • September 18th - Fall Parent Night and PTA Meeting
  • September 19th - Academic RtI Meetings
  • September 20th - Book Fair Evening Event (4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.)
  • September 21st - DRA Testing for Kindergarten
  • September 24th - Parents may begin to eat lunch with students
  • September 24th - DEAL Time Begins
  • September 25th - DRA Testing for Kindergarten
  • September 26th - Behavior RtI Meetings
  • September 27th - PTA Sponsored - Wreaths and Eats! for East Staff