awesome Dale Earnhardt Sr.

by andrew auslander

dale Sr winning and death crash

Dale earnardt was a NASCAR driver that never gave up in life that why he won a lot of races. dale is a driver that would say give me four tiers not 2 because he new he would need them. He was not scared and he did what he needed to to win a race. But in 2001 things were sad for dale. He was going to do a hard move instill bam he crashed and the words after he died.He said "dale you OK" the crew Chef yelled!
Dale Earnhardt Sr. Fatal Crash *Live With Replays*

dale a kid

dale always wanted to be a NASCAR driver he would see his dad race and win. Dale lived with his Dad and his Mom in Florida. But they would allot of travel because of his dads job NASCAR. When he went to school he think I want to be like dad. dale was a trouble maker in school.He would make people very mad. dales dad Ralph Earnhardt was a ok driver. when dale was old ralph gave dale a race car it was pink with a green roof. So after that ralph died of a heart attack and ralph gave dale his 2 cars

the most important thing in dales life

The most important thing is when his father died he felt like someone should take his place so thats what he did. He did what dale did he said"i'm going to do it". The first he won he thanked his dad he is the one that helped him do what he need to. dale helped after a tornado he payed for all the crops in the state. Then he got on the race track he heard cheers and happy signs and all the stuff you could dream of .

cool facts about dale earnhardt sr

Did you now if dale did not die there was a chance other NASCAR drivers could have to. because they did not have a thing that goes on his neck so the neck so it move . He loved NASCAR when he was five years old. his son dale Jr still drives today he and his dad would race together

what i have learned

I have learned that dale did what he wanted to do in life nobody stopped him. if he was alive now he would probable still be driving .The lesson is that you should not ever give up in life keep trying to do what you want to do because your dreams can come true.