By Cynthia Kimler

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Three Main Types of Malware


What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a piece of code that has the ability to copy itself and is capable to corrupting a system or destroying data. Just like medical viruses, computer viruses spread through contact. Meaning they can spread through flash drives, email, or just through the internet.


What is spyware? Spyware is software that lets someone get a hold of someone else's information by transmitting data to their hard drive. This information could be used to see what sites you're going on or even to get your personal information such as bank account numbers and your home address.

Trojan Horses

What is a Trojan horse? I know what you're thinking and no it is not a wooden statue of a horse. A Trojan horse in computer terms is a program or something that seems true but is really just a hoax. For example, say you are downloading a game, the game along with something else will download on to your computer. That other thing that downloaded with that game gives someone else access to your computer and allows them to do whatever they want to it.

How to avoid Malware

Get an Anti-Virus Software

When you get an anti-virus software, you have to find one that doesn't slow your computer down. You have to do some research and find one that pleases you. Make sure to let this software run all the time.

A Firewall

A firewall controls what your computer connects to and what connects to your computer. Anytime anything tries to connect to your computer a box will pop up asking if you want to allow this or not.