A Love Letter to my sons



My darling boys,

This morning on the school run, I spoke to you about ‘tough love’ and how it still is the hardest part of parenting for me. How some of your requests, to have one thing or the other have been turned down simply because, well to be honest, you didn't deserve it at that particular time due to various reasons you also identify with. It just has to be done and I wont apologise for it.

To my hearts delight, you both agreed with me and appeared to understand, until the older of you two, coming out of the car said to me…. ‘So you think being our parent is the most difficult job ever and being a kid isn’t’? which I then replied ‘no dear I said the most difficult 'part' of parenting for me so far, is showing / excercising ‘tough love’ when the need arises.

I love you both dearly and I’m sure being a kid isnt easy. I was once a kid just like you two.

However, you are going to have to strive and stay strong. You would have to declare the positive words I taught you over and over again by heart until it becomes part of you.

Look around you, everything you have is free! Your house, your transportation, all ur social gadgets( phones, laptop, iPad etc) your clothes, food, holidays, living in a habitable/ clean home, even the warmth you enjoy in the winter months etc. One day, it will all stop! You would have to pay for everything. My job is not just to educate you, but to prepare you for adulthood. It is my job to ensure you turn out to be an honourable member of the society and not a liability. It is my job to ensure you are ready for the responsibilities you would bear as a man. A man who won’t bear his responsibilities is looked down upon. You my son will not be that man!

I eagerly await your reply...... if any LOL

Much Love always,


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