Energy and Work

Kinetic and Potential Energy

AP Physics 1

Energy and Work

Energy is the most central concept underlying all sciences. Concepts of energy is unknown to Isaac Newton. Its existence was still debated in the 1850s. Concepts of energy are very difficult to define.

Where is energy?

Persons, places, and things have energy. We observe only the effects of energy when something is happening. When energy is being transferred from one place to another, or when energy is being transformed from one form to another.

Introduction to work and energy
Potential and Kinetic Energy

Lab Activities:

Spring Potential Energy

Intro to springs and Hooke's Law
Potential energy stored in a spring
Energy - Springs
Spring problem - mass m hits a spring three times as fast

Elastic and Inelastic Collisions

322 - Elastic collissions of the balls

Design Your Own Experiment