No Girls Allowed:

No girls on boys teams

Imagine a girl who just joined a boys team. now imagine her being told she isn't good enough before she even does anything. imagine her sitting on the bench the entire game. After the second game she quits and doesn't go into sports again. Does that sound like a good thing to happen to someone. no, but it could be prevented by not letting girls play on boys sports teams.

Girls on boys teams is a rising issue that needs to be fixed. First of all this is very damaging to self esteem in sports that revolve around contact such as wrestling, kickboxing, and football. Combat sports like the previously mentioned kickboxing and wrestling are a embarrassment whether you win lose or don't fight. This could lead to ridicule and a overall bad time.

As unfair it is to the boys it is also a bad experience for girls. Girls are usually accepted by teams pretty fast compared to very slowly or maybe never on a boys team. Girls also have a hard time getting a leadership role on a boys team and instead usually sit on the bench because the boys just think they aren't good enough because there a girl. According to should my daughter play for a girls team or a boys team 54% of girls quit on boys teams and more likely to be teased.

Often people bring the law into the matter when in the USA they only have to have equal coaching, equipment, supplies, spending, travel, places to practice, trainers, publicity, tutoring and other support. In that list it is never mentioned that the sports available are equivalent so the law does not affect this situation, according to newsday. Despite the several lawsuits won none are part of this law.

People may say that none of this happens to the boys and girls that play, but just how many people is that based off of, 10, 15 people in a group, the problems that arise need to stop before they happen by having the girls join a girls team.

With girls on boys sports teams happening all over, hurting people mentally. If they aren't stopped now they might become unstoppable and the large amount of emotional pain will continue.

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