Technology For President!

Media Literacy

What is media literacy. I think media literacy is the advancements in technology and the understanding of what they do and how they affect our society today. What media literacy actually is the ability to access and analyze media. So my guess was sort of close. Media literate people are able to understand the messages we receive through TV, the radio, internet, billboards, music, and all other forms of media. Media literacy is a new age approach to education. It helps understand the role of media in our society. It’s extremely hard to escape media in any form in our society today. Media isn’t just an influence anymore. It is our culture. Media literacy can help develop critical thinking skills, understand messages, identify market strategies, understand what the media maker wants us to do, recognize bias, spin, and misinformation, and much more. It teaches students to apply critical thinking to messages and to use media to create their own. Media literacy is important because it has a huge influence on our society today. Teens watch thousands of hours of television, even more time then they spend with their teachers in school. If we can help teenagers become more media, we can protect them from the pressures of media. Things such as smoking, drinking, drug use, having sex, and eating unhealthy food. We can help them build communication skills, and encourage them to consider multiple interpretations of messages, and improve media use habits, such as changing ritualistic viewing behaviors. We can improve the media habits of a whole family.