Can You Hear Me Now?

By Micah N. Linan


The use of cell phones in the class room is positive thing for both teachers and students.

Evidence 1

“mobile phones certainly…attention to a number of …advantages … as well as highlighting some limitations, but overall mobile phones represent a language learning resource worthy of further investigation.” Researcher Patrick J. Kiernan

Evidence 2

“Some researchers have employed experimental techniques to assess actual effects of cell phone activity on classroom-related performance. Bowman, Levine, Waite, and Gendron (2009) and Fox, Rosen, and Crawford (2009) compared comprehension scores for students who were or were not sending instant messages during a non-class reading task. Neither study revealed differences in comprehension…” Research article

Evidence 3

“They're tools that the students have grown up with…The big disconnect is that schools do a very good job of creating an environment that's the exact opposite of what our learners are accustomed to.” Principal Eric Sheninger


The use of cell phone in the class room is beneficial because they help kids learn more affectively, help students with spelling and grammar, and have no negative effects on student’s grades even when they are used in the wrong way.
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