Advertising Society

How does advertising impact society ?

Advertising Society: Like A Girl

Syd M. Woods

L. Danley

British Literature

13 February 2016

Advertising Society

Advertisements. They are everywhere. On television, on billboards, in stores, in the work place, and even in schools. There are different types of advertisements which include visual and verbal at the top of the list. We, the people of society, cannot help but to see these advertisement. The average person will come across about five thousands ads a day. We may not think they we pay attention to them all, however our subconscious brain picks up nearly everything and it’s a demonstration of how everyday sights, smells and sounds can affect our way of thinking.

Typically in advertisements men are shown with large muscles, a beard, and they always seem to be seen doing “manly” activities such as lifting heavy objects or playing sports whereas women are depicted as dainty homemakers who was dishes and shave for a living. This shapes the minds of society to think that women are less than men and cannot do anything for themselves. The phrase “like a girl” tends to be thrown around as an insult but what does that even mean? Why does doing something “like a girl” have to be an insult? Why can’t is mean to do something to your best abilities? Always has an ad “#LikeAGirl” that is changing the way society uses that phrase. They are empowering girls and women to change what “Like a girl” means. They are giving it there all and showing that women are not helpless and weak and that they can do anything men can do just a well- or even better.