Brazilian Border Patrol

Patrol that border

What do they do?

A Brazilian border patrol-man protects Brazli from foreign intruder

128,489.12 BLR a year

Education and Training


Firearm Use

Conflict Resolution

Hand to Hand Combat

Various Law Enforcement Techniques


Meet age requirements (under 40)

Pass a medical exam, drug test, and backround tests

Pass an admissions test, an interview and two probationary exams after 6 and 10 months of training
Succeed in the two year internship required by all candidates of the Border Patrol Agent training program


Detention Centers- Border patrol agents operate detention centers for people apprehended doing something illegal like smuggling drugs or crossing the border illegally

Car Accidents- Smugglers in cars speed away in an attempt to get away from agents

Violence- to elicit fear and to fight off agents

Enviornmental- Without knowlege of enviornment you are susceptible to the elements

No Travel Needed if you Live in Brazil

Brasileira Patrulha de Fronteira

Only need your GED or high school diploma to qualify


You must be able to speak:


Where is it?