Teacher Respect

By Erin Kloster


In many schools we have either heard of or seen kids treat their teachers with disrespect. My project is to try and keep this from happening. Teachers educate and help us to achieve our goals in life, and they deserve our highest form of respect by doing this. I have created an account on social media to help inform as many individuals as I can and to basically start a chain reaction of respect for teachers and educators.


Before I really got going on my project, I thought of which ways I would have the biggest impact on people and grab the most attention. So, I created a social media account on twitter for teacher respect. I spread the word about my account to as many people as I could to get as many followers, favorites, and retweets as possible. Anyone who participated would post a picture on twitter of them and their teacher along with a tweet about respecting their teacher to help spread the word about teacher respect. Then, I would retweet anyone to grab more attention. I will continue to do this as a way to eventually get everyone to be informed of teacher respect and not only that, but to take action and keep themselves and others from disrespecting their teachers/educators.


I feel as if my project has made a good impact and will continure to make a good/positive impact. The impact for my project started right away because I started following several people. As my project has continued to grow, more students have been wanting to help create a better environment for teachers and educators by showing them respect and by getting other students to show their respect as well. This was exactly what I had wanted for my project and was my overall goal. I am hoping to continue to create an even bigger impact as I get my project to grow even more.

How is this getting attention?

My project started out very small and no one knew about it, but as I have gotten people to participate in my project by tweeting at me and following me, my project has been able to get more attention. The more favorites I have gotten, the more people that I have had retweet the pictures posted to my account, and the more followers I have gotten have greatly increased the amount of attention towards my project.


As a result to my project, I expect to get at least 100 followers, 25 new favorites, 20 new retweets, and at least 10 more tweets at me. But, my goal for the overall result to my project is to get everyone to show respect towards every single one of their teachers. I want students to not only show their respect towards teachers, but to get others to show their respect as well.