The Tundra

Lexi Kenyon

what is the climate of the tundra?

Tundras are among Earth's coldest, harshest biomes. Tundra ecosystems are treeless regions found in the Arctic and on the tops of mountains, where the climate is cold and windy and rainfall is scant.Tundra lands are snow-covered for much of the year, until summer brings a burst of wildflowers.

what are plants in the tundra?

Arctic moss, caribou moss, diamond leaf willow.

what is the location of the tundra?

The Tundra is located all over the world. Located in Alaska, Northern Canada, edges of Greenland, Northern Scandinavia, northern Siberia, and Russia. It is found in Alaska here in the United States. The Tundra is about 3 million square miles long and covers about 20% of the earth's surface.

what are a few animals that could be found in the tundra?

Arctic fox, caribou, grizzly bear