Information Literacy- Final Project

The Four Temperaments

Book Resources

Baron, R. (2004). The four temperaments: A fun and practical guide to understanding yourself and the people in your life. New York, NY: St. Martin's Griffin.

This book is a good source for providing basic informant about the four temperaments, such as for the beginner on the subject. It provides information on the temperaments and how they can help you understand you and the people around you in a way that is easy and simple to understand. The author, Renee Baron, is an author and therapist who uses information and methods from these studies with her patients. She has also written four other books on the subject.

Steiner, R. (1968). The four temperaments. New York, NC: Anthroposophic Press.

I chose this book as one of my resources because, as it was used by college students (you were given free-shipping if you were a college student, suggesting it was used frequently), it immediately jumped out at me as being a very knowledgeable source. Also, reading the biography of the author really worked to further convince me of the book's credibility. Rudolf Steiner uses his background in spiritual psychology to provide an even more in-depth insight to the four temperaments.


Nature. (n.d.). Retrieved March 26, 2014, from

This article reviews Temperament: a Survey of Psychological Theories, by Constance Bloor, and discusses a lot of the research done on the four temperaments, and other types of psychological classifications.

The antecedents of the study of character and temperament. (n.d.). Retrieved March 26, 2014, from doi: 10.1038/scientificamerican09181915-191supp

This Scientific American article is really full of information about the four temperaments. It also provides a lot of interesting background information on the history of the temperaments, why they were studied and used, and other things they could represent (for example, the four seasons.)


Overview of the Four Temperaments. (n.d.). Retrieved March 26, 2014, from

This website is a great source for learning more about the four temperaments and analytical psychology because it provides quizzes to determine your own type, both overviews and in depth description of all of the types, as well as the typing of some famous people, videos with further information, and even products for team building for companies. The website also has a labeled "contact information" section, as well as a "terms and conditions" section, which show responsibility, professionalism, and pro activism in the creators of the cite.