Business 1960 Labor Laws/Unions

By: Marcos, Joseph, James

African American Labor Council (1960)

A union created specifically help African American Workers.

Executive Order 10988 (1962)

-A presidential executive order issued by JFK on January 17, 1962.

-A breakthrough for public sector workers who weren't protected under the 1935 Wagner Act.

New York City Newspaper Strike (1962)

-Ran from December 8, 1962, until March 31, 1963

-They fought for a raise in salary

-Daily News workers settled their issues, accepting raises of $8 per week

United farm workers committee (1962)

-A labor union for farmworkers in the US.

-Had 10,278 members as of 2013

-Protect farmers rights

New York Transportation Strike (1966)

-Bus drivers went on strike and demanded a higher pay.

-ended all service on the subway and buses in the city

General Electric Strike (1960)

-International workers of G.E.(General Electric Company) voted to go on strike when there contract ended

- they weren't payed after there contract ended, so many electrical plants were shutting down.

Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (1968)

-African American workers at Chrysler Corporation's Hamtramck Assembly plants went on strike for being the only minority group to still be "low ranked" in the company

- 4,000 African American workers went on strike for 3 days and stopped the production of 3,000 cars.

Equal Pay Act (1963)

-Gave women the right to get equally paid as much as men, before this women were not treated the same as men

-the performance which requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which are performed under similar working conditions