Software Engineering

by: Rohith Perumalla

Why I choose Software Engineering

I am extremely interested in Computers and engineering so I looked for a job that included both of my interests, and I found Software Engineering. Software Engineering is a one the jobs that are "future-proof"; jobs are disappearing and being replaced by computers and software. Software cannot be written by software; therefore securing me a job.

Other Information

Daily Life of a Software Engineer

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Get to work.
  3. Start programming.
  4. Possible meeting.
  5. Lunch Break.
  6. Back to work.
  7. Potential meeting.
  8. Go home!

The Pay

The median pay is $93,000, while the lowest pay was around $55,000. Depending on your job benefits may be included. The highest pay is around $120,000.


Most companies require that you have a bachelors degree in a computer science. And good team working skills.