Located in East of North Carolina

Major Cities

Greenville, Fayetteville, and Raleigh


Beauford, Dore, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Martin, and Nash Pamlico

All County's

Water Basin

Bay River, Broad Creek, and Jones creek

Where does it empty

it empties in the Pamlico Sound estuary.

Total Miles of basin

54,373 miles

Over all size

6,148 square miles


427,629 people live in the river basin in 2010

Tourist attractions

You can do all types of activities




Also you can go to the Mattamuskeet National wildlife refuge

Animals in the Tar- Pamlico

Native animals:

Atlantic Sturgeon -scientific name -Acipenser Oxyrhunchus

Roanoke Bass -Scientific name -Ambloplities Cauifrans

Water Quality

It is good water has some water that you can drink off. Also it has electron potential of -1MV or bigger.

Sources of water pollution

Run off from farmland and Urban areas.

Prevent Pollution

It has been agreed to manage the water and how much there is when it rains.

Some people have even cleaned the river on there own too clean pollution and helped out so fish don't die.

Fun Fact

The Tar river is the fourth largest river in North Carolina.

The River basin is also only in North Carolina and doesnt go on to other states.