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Week of January 11, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Information for the week


On Friday, CPS announced that juniors WILL take the ACT this Spring. As of now, dates have not been announced. We will continue to ensure that our students have robust instruction every day. As more information becomes available, I will communicate that information to the staff.


On Friday, our post-secondary team hosted a phenomenal overnight lock-in for our seniors. The purpose of this event was to help students work on their FAFSA. The event was an ABSOLUTE success. A special and big THANK YOU to Mr. Draper, Ms. Cannon, and Ms. Hampton who spent the night at Raby with the students. These are the type of special events that make wonderful high school experiences and memories. JOB WELL DONE!


We want to make sure students have access to a quiet place to work during lunch. The library will be open 5th period on Tuesday and Thursday. Junior and senior students will be allowed to visit the library for academic purposes only. Ms. Calderon will be in the library during this time frame.

Some students will also be allowed to visit the Literacy Lab during 4th and 5th period for literacy supports. A finalized schedule will be available this week.

Please let students know about these available supports.

Instructional Leadership Team

Don't forget that you are invited to attend the ILT meetings every Monday in the library.

Discovery Education Professional Development

We are excited for the professional learning opportunities that will be provided by Discovery Education this week. As we are learning new instructional strategies, it is important for us to ensure that we are utilizing the strategies in the classroom.

Preparing for the end of the semester

As we approach the end of the semester, it is extremely necessary to update grades on a weekly basis. We want students and parents to have the most up to date information on student progress. If you need any support with instructional concerns, please check in with your department chairperson.

Art Week

March 14 - 20 is designated as Art Week. Mr. Barendt will be helping to coordinate a week of arts activities for our students. If you are interested in serving on the Art Week committee, please see me or Mr. Barendt.


For planning purposes, I am collecting information via a survey. Please take 2 minutes to complete the survey below.


Dr. Skanes