WANTED: Tommy Malone

Last seen frolicking the halls of the BW Conservatory

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-Born in Cleveland on January 27, 1989, living in the Cleveland area his whole life
-Second year transfer at BW to pursue degree in Mus. Ed and Vocal Performance
-Raised by a former Catholic nun and an Irish farmer new to the country
-Began piano lessons at age eight
-Learned to play trumpet in grade five
-During trials in life, he turned to music as an escape
-Soprano until grade nine, age fourteen, Currently a tenor I
-Former student of Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University
-In pursuit of B.A. in Music Education and Vocal Performance, planning to continue to acquire a Master's Degree in Opera

What kind of music does Tommy like?

He listens to a large variety of music, ranging from Western to world music. Beginning a strong attachment to classical music at a young age, Mr. Malone prefers the works of Beethoven, Chopin, as well as many composers of the Baroque Era. With a particular interest in movie soundtracks, some of his favorite composers are: John Williams, Harry Griegson-Williams, James Horner and Patrick Doyle. Other music that he enjoys listening to comes from any genre of Irish and Celtic culture, Middle Eastern sound and to please his inner child, the music of Disney.