Saxons Tribal Camping

by Karla Dominguez, Chelsei Spaulding, Anthony Lietz

Come visit Saxons with its legacies

During the 5th century CE, there are recorded hostilities between the Franks and the Saxons in continental Europe. Under the leadership of Childeric, the Franks supported Roman forces and helped them defeat a number of enemies including an army of Saxons at Angers in 469 CE. The Franks began a gradual process of absorption of the continental Saxons and, while this process was still ongoing during the 8th century CE, those Saxons who migrated into Britain managed to build a solid presence. After several generations of conquest, alliances, and unstable successions, they established their rule over most of the indigenous groups. After the 9th century CE Viking invasions, the kings of Wessex (Alfred and his descendants) created the first strong West Saxon kingdom (south of the Thames) which, during the 10th century CE, managed to conquer the rest of England creating the late Anglo-Saxon kingdom.

The Great Leader Widuind

Home of the great leader Widukind. He was seen as a saxon hero who lived during the 8th century. Truthfully there wan't much information about his life or death that was recorded. What is recorded being from his enemies making him seem terrible. Some information was that Widukind was the only Saxon noble we did not show at Charlemagne's court. His accomplishments weren't recorded.

Facts about the Saxons

The Saxons long avoided becoming Christians and being incorporated into the orbit of the Frankish kingdom, but were decisively and brutally conquered by Charlemagne in a long series of annual campaigns (772-804). With defeat came the forced baptism and conversion of the Saxon leaders and their people to Christianity.

A large contingent of Saxons, Angles, Jutes and Frisians invaded and colonized Britain in the early Middle Ages, giving their names to the kingdoms of Essex, Sussex and Wessex,which with the shorter-lived Middlesex, eventually became part of the kingdom of England.

If a person has committed a crime they would have to hold a red-hot iron. If his hand did not heal, he was guilty. If the hand healed quickly he was proven innocent