Galileo Galilei

By Chloe Matthews

Galilei was born in February 15, 1564 and died January 8, 1642.

He was born at Italy in a town called Pisa. He grew up with his brothers, and sisters juring the Italian renaissance.

When Galilei died he died at Italy in Tuscany.

What Did He Do

Galilei was a successful musician.

His dad was a music teacher in Italy and was also succsessful.

In 1608 Galileo Galilei worked on improving the telescope, so he can study planets and the stars.

With Galilei's new and improved telescope, in 1610 he discovered the four large moons around Jupiter.

Even though he discovered the four moons he had trouble to convince others what he had discovered.

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How did he make his telescope

Galilei used an old telescope and invented a new lense that would go a further distance than the old lense, after the new lense was made he would put it in the telescope and test it, it took him a few times to make the lense but in the end it worked, he invented a telescope that you could see thirty times the length of a normal telescope.