Falcon Flyer

Fall Creek Intermediate

September 10, 2017

Reminders from the FCI Treasurer

Important information & dates from the Treasurer

Book fees have been uploaded to your child's Skyward account. You should have received via email a copy of your 2017-18 Fee Statement. You can pay your fees either through eFunds (check/credit) or send into FCI cash/check in an envelope with your child's name and student id#. Without this information it could delay posting to your account.

Payments via eFunds

  1. eFunds will charge you a small processing fee per transaction.
  2. You will need to know the amount due since eFunds is an outside agency and the balance will show $0.00 If you are not able to pay in full by the deadline and would like to setup a payment schedule via eFunds please notify the treasurer.

  • Sept 29 - book fee payments are due in full
  • Sept 30 - deadline to reapply for F/R. each year parents need to reapply (admin. prefers online but paper is available)
  • Oct 25 - unpaid book fees will be turned over to Transworld collections and you could be assessed a $8.35 processing fee

If you have any questions please call Michele Pitts at 317-915-4220.

This link explains EFunds, managing school lunch accounts, etc.


Counselor's Corner

The Second Step program is being used at both the 5th and 6th grade levels. This program aims to protect students from risky behaviors such as bullying, aggression, and substance abuse, while improving their school success.

5th Grade-Considering Perspectives

Students will be able to:

  • Understand that people’s perspectives are based on their feelings, experiences, and needs or wants
  • Recognize the value in being able to consider another’s perspective
  • Apply perspective-taking skills

6th Grade- Disagreeing Respectfully

Students will be able to:

  • Distinguish between respectful and disrespectful disagreement
  • Apply perspective-taking skills
  • Apply skills for communicating their own perspective effectively
  • Apply skills for giving constructive feedback

Jessica Sullivan & John Kozloski

School Counselor

Fall Choir

Fall Choir began this week but students can still join!! Grab a flyer from Mrs. Spangler or Ms. Shults or on the FCI website: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/resources/pdf/FCI/2017_fall_choir_permission_slip.pdf

5th Grade Students - Music Class Information

A Note from Mrs. Spangler & Ms. Shults:

All 5th grade students should bring their recorder to school and keep it in their locker until class time. If your student does not already own a recorder, one can be purchased directly from the music teachers for $5 cash or check made out to FCI.

FCI Connect - Join Now through 9/26

Looking for a fun way to spend Thursday afternoons? FCI Connect is an after school club that offers snacks, crazy games and relevant discussions centered on Christian values. Open to ALL 5th and 6th graders. The fun begins Sept. 28th after school. Please pick up a form at school or print using this link: https://goo.gl/4ZpXyK

FCI Fall Fundraiser: 9/22-10/6

It’s beginning to feel like autumn outside, so that must mean FCI’s Fall Fundraiser is right around the corner!

There are 2 ways to get involved.

On September 22nd, the students will bring home a packet of information regarding selling DiscoverINDY books and additional information for a direct donation campaign. This year we are not sending home the actual DiscoverINDY books with the students, only the order form. Get the DiscoverINDY book AND mobile coupons for only $25, not the retail price of $40.

If you don’t want to bother with selling, feel free to contribute easily with the Direct Donation Form. The Fall Fundraiser will run from September 22nd thru October 6th, with delivery of DiscoverINDY books on October 13th. As an additional incentive, for every 4 books sold or $50 donated, your child will be able to draw an envelope for a cash prize!

Thank you for your support of FCI!

Homework Hotline

The Rose-Hulman Institue is here to help you with your math and science questions. Rose-Hulman’s Homework Hotline is a free service with student-tutors available Sundays – Thursdays, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm (ET). You can call a tutor at 877-Ask-Rose (877-275-7673) or chat with a tutor at AskRose.org. You can also email tutors by visiting AskRose.org, at any time and they will respond during operating hours.

Now is the time for a strong start to the school year, and we are ready to help.

Interested in more information about us? Check out AskRose.org

BoxTops for FCI!

Want an an easy way to help the FCI PTO fund activities at the school?

It is as easy as clipping BoxTops! Every Boxtop collected brings in 10 cents. BoxTops are found on many items around your house: General Mills, Annies, Pillsbury, Hefty and Kleenex to name a few. Just clip them out, put them in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name and homeroom teacher and send them to school. Remember they do expire so don’t wait to send them in. There are prizes for the top 5th and 6th grade homeroom and top individual collector in each grade. In addition, for every 25 BoxTops sent in your child will receive a raffle entry for various prizes!

Any questions, please contact Shelly Anaba at shellyhesselink@hotmail.com.

Fall submission deadline Friday October 24th .

Dine to Donate for FCI!

Plan to support FCI at our Dine to Donate events in September and October. Enjoy a night out with friends and family while supporting your school. Join us Thursday, September 28th at Detour from 5-8pm

Then, Jaggers will be offering two dates in October. Mark your calendars for Thursday October 5th and Wednesday October 11th.

Save the dates!

9/28 - Detour - Click here for more info: https://goo.gl/UptMtL
10/5 - Jaggers - Click here for more info: https://goo.gl/vomqxt
10/11 - Jaggers - Click here for more info: https://goo.gl/vomqxt

******* IMPORTANT FCI PROCEDURES FOR 2017-18 *******

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE --- Pick-up/Drop-offs

If your child is a car rider, it is imperative that drivers pick-up/drop-off students in the line that forms along the outside of the parking lot/curb. To be more specific, do NOT park your car and walk your child across the parking lot to the sidewalk at drop-off in the morning. Do NOT park your car and walk up to the curb to walk your child from the curb to through the parking lot during pick-up.

ALL exchanges for which you need to park will require you to accompany your child into the office to drop-off and sign in OR pick-up your child from the office and sign out. While this may add a few extra minutes to the exchange, the safety of all is our utmost concern.

In addition, if you arrive early to drop-off students and decide to park in the lot until drop-off begins, you MUST get in the line to drop your child off at the front and not cut through and jump to the front of the line. Do NOT cut to the front of the line. Given that on any given day we have hundreds of students dropped off, it is imperative that everyone follows the procedures. Safety of all is imperative. Thank you in advance.

school note forms - https://goo.gl/EgroKY

Texting/Emailing during school day NOT allowed

In an effort to keep instructional time as free from distraction as possible, do not email or text your child during the school day. Please contact the office should you need to get a message to your child.

Students will be reminded of the following:

  • Absolutely NO texting/personal emailing during the school day (7:35 a.m.-2:55 p.m.) to students OR parents via any type of program/app/etc. Consequences will be given should this occur. [Students staying for after school events may utilize such technology after school.]
  • If a student is not feeling well, he/she must go to the nurse's office and NOT email or text parent without speaking with the nurse. Contact regarding illness/pickup must be communicated through the nurse.
  • Notifications on iPad should be turned off during the school day.
  • If students receive texts/emails during the school day, they should immediately notify their teacher or staff member.
  • We realize there may be a need for communication between students working collaboratively during the school day. However, it should only be done at teacher direction/approval.
  • Texting/emailing that does occur outside of school is a parental approval issue. However, if content of texting/emailing outside of school negatively impacts/affects the school environment, there may be consequences that are imposed at school.

Remember...if you need to get a message to your child during the school day, please call the office at 915-4220. All other situations should be resolved outside the school day.

Transportation Change/Early Dismissal Notification

Please send a note with your child should a transportation change or early dismissal be required. In the event of a last-minute change during the school day, please call the office @ 317-915-4220.

Change of Transportation: the office needs to be notified by 1:30 to assure all parties involved are notified of transportation changes. Especially now that we only have 5 min. to pack them up and send the buses on their way.

Passes are sent to students with changes in an attempt to reduce interruptions during class. After school hours, please leave a message on our attendance line @ 915-4228.

Please include the following in your note and/or message:

  • child's full name
  • homeroom teacher
  • time of early dismissal
  • nature of dismissal (e.g., doctor appointment, physical therapy, etc.)
  • your full name
  • contact telephone # in the event of questions

If an absence is due to doctor's appointment, remember to send the doctor's excuse note to school for attendance purposes. Medical absences are recorded differently according to our state/district attendance policies.

Do not communicate absence/early dismissal/transportation changes solely to the teacher. This information must go through the office. While you may also notify the teacher, if the teacher is not present at school and information is sent to him/her, the office will not be knowledgable of the information.

Falcon Flyer Frequency

Please look for a Skylert to be sent twice a month from FCI providing you with a link to the most recent FALCON FLYER newsletter. This will be how we will keep you up-to-date with events and happenings at FCI. Please feel free to share the link with other FCI families who may have not received the Skylert. In addition, please suggest to them that they verify current contact information in Skyward as this is where information for future Skylerts is pulled from. Communication is extremely important to us, and we value your involvement!

PTO Update

Thank you to the following PTO board members for the upcoming school year!

District Calendar - 2017-18

Check out the district calendar for 2017-18 and associated dates: https://goo.gl/yzgyYC

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What's Happening @ the Creek

Monday, September 11 - rot F5

  • 2:33pm - Student dismissal

Tuesday, September 12- rot C1

  • 3:00 - 4:00pm: Cross Country - 5th or 6th Grade Practice
  • 3:00 - 4:00pm - Choir

Wednesday, September 13- rot C2

  • SOAR Day
  • 7:00 - 7:35am: Student Council
  • 3:00 - 3:50pm: Spell Bowl Practice
  • 3:00 - 4:00pm: Art Club
  • 5:00 - 6:00pm: Cross Country Meet @ HIJH - 5th & 6th Grade

Thursday, September 14- rot C3

  • 3:00 - 4:00pm: Cross Country - 6th Grade Practice
  • 3:00 - 4:00pm - Choir

Friday, September 15- rot C4

  • 3:00 - 4:00pm: Cross Country - 5th Grade Practice

Monday, September 18 - rot C5

  • 2:33pm - Student dismissal

Tuesday, September 19 - rot I1

  • 3:00-4:00pm - Choir
  • 5:00pm - Cross Country meet @ RSI

Wednesday, September 20 - rot I2

  • 3:00 - 3:50pm: Spell Bowl Practice
  • 3:00 - 4:00pm: Art Club
  • 3:00-4:00pm - Cross Country (6th grade)

Thursday, September 21 - rot I3

  • 3:00 - 4:00pm: Choir
  • 3:00-4:00pm - Cross Country (5th grade)

Friday, September 22 - rot I4

  • Fall Fundraiser - in gym - 8:30am - 6th grade; 9:00am - 5th grade (**Fundraiser runs through 10/6)

FCI Attendance Line ~ 317-915-4228.

Student Transportation