Jamestown the colony

The Journey In America

By: Logan Mitchell


One day a group of people got on three ships and set out to go to the new land called North America. When they got there, they found out they were in a place, later to be called Virgina. The colonies found out that being lazy didn't help make a living so they started to work. They build forts so the indians didn't acttack and kill them. The Spainish was also a main problem too. After lots of weeks they found out that life in North America was hard.

Starting out

There were 104 people who came over to live in the New World. The three ships that the colonies came over on names were the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. The 104 men and boys started out on the fort right when they got there. After they arived they were lazy with making there food and they wanted the indians to make the food for them. There life was hard in the first months of the settlement.
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The forts were the main part of survial in the Jamestown colony. King James wanted to build the triangle fort for Jamestown because the Sapanish and the Indians. They say that they set up the fort in a little over a months time. That was because they had craftsmen, artisans, and laborers there to build the fort. They had cabins at each point they were taller than the 15 to 18 feet walls. So the gaurds could see and lookout over night. The fort helped Jamestown in many ways.
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Jamestown thribed on main people or things for there suvival. The survival of Jamestown remained in question for over ten years as the settles were not willing to work together. John Rolfe who credited and selled the first tobacco crop in America. From this point life imporoved. Captain John Smith is credited with saving the colony though his leadership, organizational ability, fighting skills, and talents for building allinces and trading. That is some thingsthat helped Jamestown colony.
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Ending Paragraph

Jamestown colony was a unique place. It was important because it was the first colony establest. It's cash crop in Jamestown was tobacco. Jamestown thribed on the forts to help them. Jamestown was a very important place to all the colonies. "He that shall not work shall not eat."