James Dean

"One Speed Dean"

His mom died when he was 6 and James father sent him to live with his aunt and uncle back in Indiana.


James Dean lived in Indiana then moved to California when he was about 6 with his mom and dad. His dad was a man who made dental equipment and his mom signed him up for tap and violin lessons because it was her dream for him to be a performer.


In 1949 James graduated from high school

After graduation he moved to California and began to pursue is career in film. At first he went after his degree in pre-law but later on discovered that his role in drama was much greater.

Roles in Movies

James Dean quit school and got serious with his career of acting, he took on the role of a small part in a television drama and a small part in a Broadway play.James was in three movies before his fatal crash Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden, and Giant.


I read some of the quotes form James Dean and found it very interesting how different his words are from his actions. He is a bad/cool boy and his words seem gentle and sweet. I did my project on James Dean because i love how he looks but i ended up finding more things i like about him than just his amazing looks.