Concentration Camp life

By: Justin Hayes

A normal day in the camps

Being in a concentration camp is a horrible way to live your life. In 1933 until 1935 Jews went through a hard and terrible time in Nazi Germany. Mr. RIchard Suffit a survivor from the concentration camps describes what they went through. It all started in the morning at 4am, the Kapo would come wake you up and you would have to get your shoes on and leave and some people would steal others shoes and if you didn't have shoes this would give the Kapo a reason to beat them. Then they would eat breakfast and only have nine ounces of bread and coffee that had a bland taste. Then the roll call took place and thats when many started to die because they were to weak to stand and if you did not stand strait up you would be killed. After you head to work and if you are lucky you are given a good tool and you work for 12 hrs. Then there is the evening roll call and this can last for 10hr. People are chosen and hung by the SS officers and all the people must watch and walk by after roll call ends. Then soup is served for dinner then the day is over and you head back to your bed. There are five in a bed and one blanket for all. If a SS officer wants to wake you up and not ket you sleep he will make you run until you faint. This is the day in a concentration camp.
This documentary shows how horrible concentration camps were. There were so many people to such a little amount of space and all the people were seen as weak. This provide a vivid description and can let others see how badly Jews were treated by showing the process of the eight stages of genocide.